We are warehouse logistics experts of the highest order

We are one of the experts in Austria for warehouse logistics. We are also one of the few providers who offer both a warehouse for normal goods as well as safe storage of liquid hazardous goods, various transfer activities from one container to the other, and contract logistics. The warehouse in Mannswörth has a total warehouse capacity of 13,000 square metres.

Our warehouse facility corresponds to the latest modern construction standards. The computer-assisted entry and exit is state-of-the art.

We for you: What sets us apart

  • Location – proximity to Vienna, Vienna-Schwechat airport, Bratislava and Budapest
  • Large warehouse for hazardous goods
  • Fully automated bag-slitting system
  • Contract logistics so that you can concentrate on your core business
  • High degree of individualisation through warehouse logistics

In our warehouse for normal goods we store bagged goods, boxes, bigbags, octabins, pipes and much more. The storage of bulk goods is done professionally in street silos that in turn can be used straight away for shipment.

Special goods require special storage. Around 2,500 square metres are envisaged in our warehouse facility solely for the storage of chemicals and hazardous goods in a separate section of the building.

The safety aspect is decisive when handling hazardous goods. We continuously invest in the initial and further training of our employees and in our equipment in order to meet the highest requirements and to set new safety standards ourselves. The storing of hazardous goods with other goods is also computer-monitored to guarantee maximum safety.

Whether it involves granulate materials, pulverised or dry-powder raw materials, products or components, we cover the entire service chain. The product handling is a very central and important area in this process. For our customers in the food and non-food sectors, we take over much more than just the transfer of products. We offer the entire chain of services from transport and transfer to the storage of the goods.

In the area of transfer tasks, we put our faith in progress. We have developed a fully automatic bag-slitting system and registered it as a patent. The health and safety of the employees is thus ensured and it is possible to carry out the slitting tasks even in peak times.

With us as their partner in the area of contract logistics, our customers can concentrate fully on their core business – we deal with everything else. In long-standing and trusting partnerships we take over logistical and logistics-related services along the entire value chain and are the link between all parties involved. The high degree of individualisation in our services makes it possible to adapt to different customers and sectors.

Our services in the area of contract logistics:

  • Project management (with ISO certification)
  • Project organisation
  • Engineering
  • Calculation
  • Concept development

We offer our customers:

  • The integration of several logistical services
  • A high degree of individualisation in the service
  • Long-term securing of the business relationship in a contract