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Successful family-run company managed by the 3rd generation

We, the company Werfring, are one of the most renowned transport and logistics companies in Europe. At our company, a traditional handshake meets technical progress.

Since as early as 1965, our family-run business, which is now managed by the 3rd generation, has stood for reliability, safety and quality in the areas of transport, logistics, cleaning and tank wagons. In the process, preserving our corporate culture—the source of creativity, quality and trust—is a particular concern of ours.

Our company has grown constantly over the years, both with regard to its people and its strategy. This growth has been aided by our idea of progress and the individual solutions for our customers. These are a key part of our strong corporate DNA. Thinking in solutions. Solutions that are not only devised for the short term but also support your long-term success.

Because you—as our customers with your individual requirements—are the focus of our activities.

Werfring in numbers



Every year, the vehicles of the Werfring fleet travel 12 million kilometres, which equates to 16,000 trips per year.

0 m²

of storage space

10,500 m² of warehouse facilities for normal goods and 2,500 m² of warehouse facilities for hazardous goods (some of the very few in Austria).


Cleaning sessions per year

In our own tank washing facility in Mannswörth, we carry out around 400 cleaning sessions per week.

Development history

Over the last sixty years, we have grown to become a tall, strong tree with firm roots. The following milestones in our company's history have fundamentally influenced this growth:

Corporate values/guiding principles

Every day, we do our best to comply with our guiding principles so that they become lived practice for our employees and thus result in lasting success.


Let’s conserve resources together! When old traditions meet technical progress, one thing must never be neglected: economic sustainability.

As a 3rd generation family business, this topic is particularly close to our hearts. So that we can work as green as possible—for you, your families and the environment—we have already implemented the following measures:


Together stronger. We inspire our customers every day through teamwork on an equal basis and always with a smile on our face. At our company, there is the right contact person for every one of your requests.


Johann Werfring

CEO, company management

Cleaning & fleet

Mobile: +43 676 847055600
Office Mannswörth: +43 1 7079 585-17
Office Sieggraben: +43 2621 2228-17


Anna Werfring

Company management
Transport & HR

Mobile: +43 676 847055601
Office Mannswörth: +43 1 7079585-15
Office Sieggraben: +43 2621 2228-12


Marc Werfring

COO, company management

Warehouse logistics & rail tank cars, QSE

Mobile: +43 676 847055603
Office Mannswörth: +43 1 7079585-11
Office Sieggraben: +43 676 847055603


Hans-Joachim Werfring

CFO, Geschäftsleitung
Finanzen & HR

Mobile: +43 676 847055604
Office Mannswörth: +43 1 7079585-13
Office Sieggraben: +43 2621 2228-17


Elisabeth und Johann Werfring

Berater der Geschäftsleitung

Mobil: +43 676 847055602
Büro Sieggraben: +43 2621 2228-19

Melanie Kollmann

Melanie Kollmann

Leitung Personal

Mobil: +43 676 934 65 66


Anita Mézes-Borók


Mobil: +43 676 847055608
Büro Sieggraben: +43 2621 2228-23


Martin Jäger

Administrator Reinigung

Büro Mannswörth: +43 1 707 95 85 221


Daniel Marko


Büro Mannswörth: +43 1 7079585-20