Cleaning of rail tank cars, silo and tank trucks: cleaning in the usual Werfring quality

Since 1993, our site in Mannswörth has had its own tank washing facility for cleaning the inside of tank trucks and containers, silo trucks, tank wagons and IBC containers. The tank washing plant is state-of-the-art at all times.

During cleaning, the focus is always on hygiene. We closely orient our activities to quality standards such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment System). The cleaning process is carried out according to the EFTCO guidelines.

The silo cleaning is done in automated form under high pressure, using spray nozzles. The cleaning process ends after 20 minutes in the drying plant and with the final check by a qualified employee. The last step is the issuing of the ECD cleaning certificate.

The rail tank car cleaning is designed for different wagon types. Both chemicals and also mineral oil wagons (clear and dark mineral oils) as well as pressurised gas wagons can be cleaned.

Every IBC container requires its own type of cleaning. We therefore agree the cleaning methods individually with you so that they are tailored to your requirements.

Your benefit: The ideal cleaning guarantees to you that you can meet even the highest requirements from customers, consumers and supervisory authorities, irrespective of the content of the IBC container.

Benefit from our heating service using steam and electricity.

Your benefits from the heating: The required temperature of loaded tanks can be maintained. In addition, tanks can be warmed up or subsequently warmed up in order to liquefy the tank contents again for unloading. Pre-heating of tanks for special loading processes is also possible.