EFRE Funding

Realignment of the Mannswörth company location

Logistik Werfring GmbH carried out an extensive modernisation of the company site in Mannswörth.

Brief description of the most significant investments including impacts:

Water treatment new

The water treatment was newly constructed and automated according to the current state of the art, with the aim of achieving efficient separation and flocculation of the solids.

Use of old wastewater basin as retention basin for recycled water

The currently existing wastewater basins are used as retention basins for recirculated water (degassing of tank wagons). The recirculated water is pumped from the basins into the tank wagons for filling. After the cleaning process is completed, the circuit water is drained back into the retention basins. The circuit water is used to displace the residual gas in the tank wagon to ensure complete degassing

Degassing track and gas flare including nitrogen tank new

In the course of cleaning and repairing tank wagons, the safe and environmentally sound combustion of residual gases from the tank wagons is of particular environmental relevance.

The new gas flare system ensures a much more environmentally friendly combustion of the gases, but also contributes significantly to the safety of the company's employees at the Schwechat/Mannswörth site.

Modernisation of the cleaning plant

By using new pumps, cleaning heads, cleaning lances, but especially an automated programme control, a reduction in energy consumption of approx. 25% compared to the existing plant can be achieved, processing times are shortened, and the capacities in the company are increased considerably as a result.

New construction of wagon repair hall

In order to improve and expand the working conditions for the employees in the company and the quality and quantity of the services offered to the customers, repair and maintenance work on tank wagons was relocated to a newly built wagon hall.

Insertion of intermediate ceiling in existing logistics hall

An intermediate ceiling was inserted into the existing warehouse in order to double the existing storage area of previously approx. 4600m², to increase the turnover from storage by up to 40%. On the upper floor of the hall, "enclosed" rooms were built for the transfer of plastic granulates (among other materials) in order to significantly reduce dust emissions during transfer work and loading.

Office building extension

The existing office building is being raised and brought up to the current state of the art in terms of energy technology.


In order to achieve further energy savings and meet the sustainability goals, the roofs of the newly constructed halls and buildings were equipped with photovoltaic systems.