12.000.000 Kilometres

12,000,000 kilometres are covered by the silo tankers of the Werfring fleet every year. This equals a total of 16,000 journeys per year.


16,000 tank cleaning runs

16,000 tank cleaning runs are performed each year. About 2.200 cleaning runs including repairs are made to tank wagons. This is an average of about 65 cleaning runs per work day.


About 200 mobile Operations

About 200 times a year, Werfring employees provide mobile repair services for tank wagons – this is an average of nearly four on-site repair jobs per week.


8500 Square metres of storage space

Werfring offers a total of 8,500 square metres of storage space – 6,000 square metres for general goods and 2,500 square metres for chemicals in four separate fire zones. And if you are wondering how many pallets can be stored in this space, as many as about 13,500 – which is quite a lot!