Transport & Logistics from Austria

The roots of the silo transport specialist Werfring with its now 135 employees date back to 1965. In that year, Johann Werfring sen. registered an earthworks company in Sieggraben in Austria’s federal province of Burgenland, where the company is still based today. Ten years later, he expanded the company and added a transport business. The company steadily increased its fleet and soon owned 5 backhoe excavators, 4 six wheelers, 6 lorry-trailer combinations and one road sweeping vehicle. To ensure the maintenance of these vehicles, Werfring built a repair shop, a washing facility and garages on its premises. 

Five decades later, the fleet has grown to 85 vehicles. The vehicles of Silotransporte Werfring Ges.m.b.H. travel all across Europe, transporting dusty and granular goods for national and international customers. All vehicle maintenance is still performed by Werfring itself. Inspections, maintenance and repair works are carried out on the company’s own premises and go above and beyond the statutory standards to meet Werfring’s responsibility to its customers and its employees. 

In 1993, Logistik Werfring GmbH was established as a second line of business in Mannswörth/Schwechat. Its main activities include the cleaning of silo tankers, road tankers used for the transport of chemicals and food, containers and IBC containers. In addition, customer demand has led to the establishment of another line of business consisting of the cleaning, repair and inspection of tank wagons. Moreover, Werfring offers about 8,500 square metres of storage space for general goods, chemicals, dusty and bulk goods, and ADR goods on its premises, which are conveniently located just a few kilometres from Vienna. 

The former earthworks company has developed into an international transport company. In 1984, the company’s founders, Elisabeth and Johann Werfring sen., were joined by Johann Werfring jun. and his wife Anna in the management of the family business. Since 2010 and 2015, their sons Marc and Hans-Joachim have also been working for the company. Despite these changes, the company’s priorities and objectives have remained unchanged over the years. The regionally rooted companies Silotransporte Werfring Ges.m.b.H. and Werfring Logistik GmbH stand for reliability, safety and quality in transport and cleaning.