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Information notice on the risk of industrial accidents provided in compliance with Article 13, paragraph 2, of the Austrian Major Accidents Ordinance (IUV)

To whom it may concern

Werfring is a logistics company that specialises in the cleaning of road tankers and tank wagons used for the transport of chemical products (acids and bases), hydrocarbons and mineral oils. In addition, Werfring provides storage space for chemicals (peroxides and butadiene) needed in the production facilities of the adjacent company Borealis.

Pursuant to Article 84c, paragraph 10, of the Austrian Trade Act (GewO) 1994 as amended and Article 13 of the Major Accidents Ordinance, Werfring is obliged to inform the general public about its business activities and the resulting risks of industrial accidents.

In compliance with the provisions of the Austrian Trade Act (GewO) and the Austrian Major Accidents Ordinance (IUV), a safety report was compiled for which all hazards were analysed and all plausible accident scenarios, i.e. those that might actually occur considering the company's activities, were investigated.

The results of this safety investigation (release, spreading and effects of hazardous substances) have shown that the impact of industrial accidents (as defined by the Trade Act) will principally be limited to the Werfring company premises.

Werfring, however, has devised an external emergency plan in co-operation with the district authorities of Wien-Umgebung in case a major accident impacted on a wider area.

If you would like to get more information, please turn to the Werfring management team in the Werfring office building where you can consult the relevant documents.

On behalf of the management team

Schwechat/Mannswörth, February 2016